Sturkie Family History

For those who are interested, there are a number of compelling documents that I would like to share. Where possible, there is an image of the original. In other cases an attempt has been made to transcribe the documents although often the old script is difficult to decipher or the orginal or copy is damaged.


The Early Sturkies
Richard Benjamin and Family
John Hoover's Will - 1781
Richard and Jerushia Sue Elijah Jefcoat - 1852
Richard is Sued for Fiere Fasias - 1855
Jerushia Sues Zachariah Sturkie - 1880
Jerushia Sturkie's Heirs Sell 146 Acres - 1896
Benjamin J. Sturkie and Family
John Ira and Family
Pages of John Ira's Journal
William Dudley Sturkie Family
Marriage Certificate - Molly Charity Ewing to Ben Luker
Marriage Certificate - Molly Charity Ewing Luker to John Williams
Dr. Benjamin F. Luker, Jr.
Letter dated to Flora Luker