Sturkie Family History

A computer was responsible for my getting into Sturkie Family genealogy. Well, let's say-- a software program. A gift from a friend of mine, the Reunion program for the Macintosh, lay in my office for almost two years. The reason? I have always been a history buff ( I have a graduate degree in history) and I have always been somewhat the family historian. Therefore, I knew if I ever installed that PROGRAM on my computer—I would be sucked in and forever be a slave of genealogy. But in December of 2002, in a very weak moment, while playing computer solitaire, I remembered Reunion and installed it.

I will also blame (or credit) my mother, Kathleen Sturkie Powell, who frequently reminded me of all the family photos, information and papers that she had inherited over the years. What was she to do with all of this? After I began this work, she contacted cousins all over Texas, for family stories and provided me with a continuing stream of family information including her memories. My mother passed away December 25, 2008. She was the last living child of William D. and Mattie Lou Luker Sturkie.

So I began with some of the information and letters sent and received by my grandfather William D. Sturkie and, of course, was immediately HOOKED—just as I had predicted. After a week of dabbling around on line and on bulletin boards, I discovered my cousin Sandra Bell who had been working on our branch of the family since the early 1980's and we began a great symbiotic relationship--sometimes known (to ourselves only) as the Dynamic Duo. Sandra sent me her huge box of research to go through which I added to my files and we corresponded by email often.

I am amazed at how the computer, as a tool of genealogy, facilitates all aspects of family history. But what is more amazing to me, and actually the reason I am relating this background, is the work and the accomplishments of those researchers who did not have the use of computers. I have letters from family historians to my Grandfather W. D. Sturkie written in the 1930's by Dr. D. R. Sturkie; by Mrs. L. M. Schoeller information and work done by Wilson O. Shealy and Helen Wilson and by Sandra Bell. I am in awe of their persistent efforts and the data they produced.

In addition I would like to recognize and thank the following people:
Katherine Sturkie, South Carolina, Info on First Bapt, photos of ZAW Sturkie graves
Patricia Sturkey, North Carolina, for her wonderful book "In Search of Benjamin Sturkie," and for being a consultant.
Richard Sterchy, Houston, Texas, Family crest & other Sterchy line info
Helen Wilson, much previous research
Wilson Shealey, Swansea, SC, much previous research
Sandra Henderson Bell, Temple, Tx, Much research, photos, advice, inspiration
Beverly Chisolm, Info on 1st Bapt, Gaston, Bull Swamp Baptist Church, photos
Gerald Lowell generous information, letters and medals from Dr. Ben Luker and his wife, Flora.
Without this data I would have lost an important part of our family history. Thank you, Jerry.