Sturkie Family History
Opal Sturkie and Mildred Melissa "Lissie" Sturkie

Lissie ( 1906- ) was the youngest daughter of John Ira Sturkie and Opal's aunt; Opal (1904-1988) was the oldest daughter of W.D. Sturkie, John Ira's oldest child. The two girls were the closest of friends growing up. Family story has it that John Ira-Patriarch of the Sturkie Family-made sure that Opal was always around to keep Lissie company.( All of John Ira's other children were grown and had left home.) Mattie Lou, Opal's mother, couldn't say "No." to Grandpa when he wanted Opal to spend time with Lissie. Many times she was needed at home but Grandpa ruled.