Sturkie Family History
John W. Luker and Sallie Castleberry Luker photo
Julia A. Luker Photo
Photo #1
John Wade Luker and Sallie
Photo #2
Julia Luker
Mystery Luker (?) Photo
Photo #3
Unknown Luker (?) Family
Help us identify these photos. Photo #1 was — John Wade Luker and Sallie Castleberry Luker. The other two photos appear to have been taken around the same time. Photo #2 is of Julia Luker, daughter of John Wade Luker and Sarah Ewing. However, we do not know which girl is Julia nor who the other girl is. We do not know the identity of the family in Photo #3. Our best guess is that it is the family of one of John Wade Luker's son's.(All of these photos were in the collection of W. D. Sturkie and Mattie Lou Luker Sturkie.They were all taken by Photographer J. L. Wright of Comanche, TX)