Sturkie Family History
Gravesites: David Sturkie and Catharine Sturkie
David Sturkie Headstone
Catharine Sturkie Headstone
David Sturkie
1793 - 1878
Catharine Sturkie
1783 -
David and Catharine Sturkie in Close Proximity

Buried in the Bull Run Baptist Cemetery
Orangeburgh, S. C.

David Sturkie
and Catharine Sturkie are buried in close proximity to each other in the Bull Run Cemetery. This is the cemetery where John Caspar Sturkie is alledged to have been buried. It is speculated that the two could be siblings and the children of John Caspar Sturkie and Martha MNU.The stone from David's broke off from it's base many years ago and is lying flat on the ground. It is broken in two pieces. The break is exactly through the line where his death date was engraved. Still, with some care, it is possible to read part of the date.1

1 April 26, 2003, e-mail from Beverly Chisholm to Mary Ward. 
*Photographs provided by Beverly Chisholm.