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Bull Swamp Baptist Church

Bull Swamp Baptist Cemetery and

The Bull Swamp Church and Cemetery are in a very rural location. Time seems to stand still here.The church is a neat, small wooden church, painted white, with a steeple.There are farm lands all around, and many ponds. The cemetery is beside the church and is very well kept.There are no large towns anywhere near it.
Bull Swamp Cemetery Bull Swamp Baptist Church is located on US Highway 321 from Columbia south to the town of North, SC (about 40 miles). At the only traffic light in North turn left (east) on US 178. Go 3.4 miles to intersection with SC 692. Turn left. The church is .2 (two tenths) of a mile on the left.1
Church History
"Members of the pioneer Dean Swamp Baptist Church (established 1803) established another mission church in the vicinity of BULL SWAMP. On June 7, 1815, James Head, Josiah Keadle, and J. Jones, members of Dean Swamp Baptist, were authorized to attend to the religious needs of those who lived in the BULL SWAMP area. This marked the beginning of the BULL SWAMP BAPTIST CHURCH which was officially organized at a meeting that took place on July 6, 1816, in the barn or house of one of the Amakers who lived off the Bull Swamp Road. Charter members included John A. Macker, James Mack, John Rickenbaker, Jacob McMikel, DAVID STURKIE, Daniel Miller, Miles Cartin, Delila Macker, Lilean Rickenbaker, Miram Mack, Rachel Macker, Mary Ann Davis, Lieurany Walker, Cusy Davis, Ann Shellard (Sholland), Margaret Miller, Lieurany Cartin, Mary McMichael, ANN STURKIE, Sarah Robinson, and Mary Pearson. Land for BULL SWAMP BAPTIST CHURCH was given by William Knotts. As was the pattern for the organization of early churches in the district, first services probably were held in a brush arbor. The second building was an unceiled wooden frame structure. In 1854 a committee consisting of W. G. Mack, B. Livingston, and William Knotts recommended that repairs be made to this second building. However, by 1869 the congregation was beginning to realize the need for a new sanctuary, which was completed circa 1874. The first five pastors who served BULL SWAMP BAPTIST CHURCH were W. J. Fickling,William Brooker, John Brooker, R. J. Edwards, and W. G. Mack. Discipline by the church was quite strict in those days and often included expulsion. The church minutes report that one member was disciplined for calling another church member "polecat." In the July 22,1820, church minutes it was decided that Baptists should not attend shooting matches for gain. Interestingly, most of the members who were disciplined were accused of excessive use of "strong drink."2

1Beverly Chisolm, E-mail to Mary Ward, dated 4-20-03 
2Orangeburgh District 1768-1863 History and Records" by Daniel Marchant Culler published in 1995. pp. 214-215.
*Photo's - Thanks to Beverly Chisholm